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Hy-Hybrid Energy

 The future will be hydrogen-based hybrids

8th April, 2019

Hy-Hybrid Energy Collaborates with CTC-BONN, Germany on Hydra Boat Project

Hy-Hybrid Energy, the Scotland based fuel cell services provider is pleased to announce it has entered a cooperation with Climate Technology Center / CTC BONN, Germany. The project’s aim is to develop and build Hydra water buses e-25 for 25 passengers and to distribute them in all EU countries within the framework of the EU's climate protection target 2030.

24th April, 2019

Hy-Hybrid Energy Supports Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems Development for German Partner

Hy-Hybrid Energy is pleased to announce a joint project development on Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) based systems for mobile applications with an unnamed partner. SOFCs have been gaining recent interest in mobile applications, e.g. Auxiliary Power Units (APUs), range extenders for electric vehicles and special applications such as drones, robots, unmanned water vehicles etc. Both partners will work together to design & develop the technology for mass deployment.

16th May, 2019

Hy-Hybrid Energy and CTC-BONN, Germany Announce Joint Development, Marketing and Sale of Mobile Fuel Cell Generator  

Hy-Hybrid Energy, the Scotland based fuel cell services provider is pleased to announce a cooperation with Climate Technology Center / CTC BONN, Germany for the product development, marketing and sales of Fuel Cell Mobile Generator.

07th Aug, 2019

Hy-Hybrid Energy Provides Services to Hungarian Based Manufacturing Company for Fuel Cell Bus Project

Hy-Hybrid Energy- Scotland (Glasgow) based fuel cell services provider has entered into a collaboration with a Hungarian based manufacturing Company for the development and assembly of fuel cell electric drivetrain for their next generation buses.

07th Oct, 2019

Hy-Hybrid Energy, GOLDI Mobility Kft and Horizon Work Together to Deploy Fuel Cell Buses in Europe

Horizon Fuel Cell Group, GOLDI Mobility Kft and Hy-Hybrid Energy will work together to deploy fuel cell buses in the European Union under the project GOLDiON®.

15th Oct, 2019

Hy-Hybrid Energy CEO, Dr. Naveed Akhtar Gives Exclusive Interview to H2 View

Dr. Naveed Akhtar gives exclusive interview to H2 View, saying "The future will be hydrogen-based hybrids". 

24th Oct, 2019

Hy-Hybrid Energy Commences Feasibility Study on Hybrid Fuel Cell Systems for Heavy Duty Transport

Hy-Hybrid Energy commences feasibility study to explore the hybrid fuel cell systems drivetrain for heavy-duty transport. The study will focus on proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) and solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technologies for heavy-duty transport for road, rail, marine and aviation applications.