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    Green H2 Project

The Green Hydrogen Project includes the production of green hydrogen via renewable energy sources (i.e., solar & wind) at large scale to bring the economies of scale into play. The 400 MW Green Hydrogen plant will be deployed at a renewable rich location overseas, where the produced green hydrogen will partly be utilized locally to meet the decarbonization needs. The surplus green molecule will be transported to Japan, South Korea and Europe as our target locations. We are currently reviewing the proposals from key partners in order to establish the lowest possible transport cost out of the three available transport options, i.e., Liquefaction (LH2), Green Ammonia (NH3) and Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC). We are also at an advanced stage of discussions with potential H2 Off-takers which will allow us to select the best transport option to ensure a competitive Green H2 price to the end user.

We are open for discussion with supply chain partners, including but not limited to H2 production, transport, delivery and off-takers.  Interested stakeholders can contact us via email: info@hy-hybrid.com to discuss it further.

400 MW Green H2 Plant.png