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Reliable, Efficient, Cost effective, Available on demand and Power competitive   

solutions for our customers

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Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Solutions

We provide technical and management services in a wide range of areas, including but not limited to fuel cells, batteries, supercapacitors, hydrogen production, storage & renewable energy. We are working with a leading fuel cell systems developer to provide zero-emission mobility solutions. With core expertise in product development, we can take your idea to the marketing stage; including concept development, IP evolution & protection, design, prototype, testing, optimisation & control, deployment and finally marketing.

Let's RECAP our core expertise, i.e. Reliable, Efficient, Cost effective, Available on demand and Power competitive solutions for our customers.

Green Hydrogen Supply Chain

We work on all supply chain processes of green hydrogen, including production, compression, liquefaction, conversion to other forms (e.g., green ammonia, green methanol, e-fuel, liquid organic hydrogen carrier etc.), transport, re-conversion and end use. 

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Clean Mobility Solutions

We work on various projects to provide clean mobility solutions for the road, rail, marine and aviation sector. We provide support to our clients for selecting highly reliable, durable and cost effective drivetrain components, including fuel cell systems, batteries, electric motors, DC-DC & hydrogen tanks. Furthermore, we cover the entire hydrogen value chain support for providing green hydrogen solutions to our end customers.

Hydrogen Aviation

We work on Hydrogen Aviation projects, including hydrogen powered drones, compact & light weight fuel cell stack & system design, onboard liquid hydrogen storage concepts, thermal management, hydrogen supply chain & airport refuelling infrastructure, sustainable aviation fuels, standards & certifications. We provide services for all stages of aviation decarbonisation, i.e., right from the outset of airport boundary to the runway, including but not limited to, airport local transport & infrastructure equipment, terminal building heat & power generation equipment and ground support equipment decarbonisation.

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