Hy-Hybrid Energy
Leading hydrogen-based hybrid innovations


400 MW Green Hydrogen Project

Dr. Naveed Akhtar is overseeing the 400 MW Green Hydrogen Production Development Project. The planned project would produce approximately 150,000 kg/day of Green Hydrogen from a 400MW capacity plant using energy from wind and solar farms at a renewable rich location overseas.


Micro-Tubular, Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (MT-SOFC) Systems Development for a German Partner

Hy-Hybrid Energy is pleased to support a German partner working on Micro-Tubular, Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (MT-SOFC) Systems for Fuel Cell Range Extender Vehicles (FCREVs). The project activities include, design, develop, manufacture and testing of MT-SOFCs for mobility applications.


Solid Oxide Fuel Cell-Gas Turbine-Battery (SOFC-GT-BAT) Hybrid Model for Piper Aircraft

Hy-Hybrid Energy is pleased to support a study related to the use of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for an aviation project. The study includes the use of gas turbine, battery and fuel cells as a hybrid drivetrain and selects the most appropriate energy source during climb, cruise & descend phases of the flight while optimising the overall efficiency of the drivetrain.


Hydrogen Powered Drone Project

Hy-Hybrid Energy is working with MMCUAV and GOLDI Mobility Kft to deploy hydrogen powered drones in Hungary.


International Hydrogen Aviation Conference

Hy-Hybrid Energy is proud to be the world's first in setting-up a platform (International Hydrogen Aviation Conference, IHAC) which gathers leading experts from the aviation sector, discussing the role of hydrogen in decarbonisation, annually.


Zero Emission Buses Project in Hungary

Hy-Hybrid Energy is leading the first of its kind in Hungary, the fuel cell bus development project which also includes battery electric buses development.