Hy-Hybrid Energy
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24th Oct, 2019

Hy-Hybrid Energy Commences Feasibility Study on Hybrid Fuel Cell Systems for Heavy Duty Transport

Hy-Hybrid Energy commences feasibility study to explore the hybrid fuel cell systems drivetrain for heavy-duty transport. The study will focus on proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) and solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technologies for heavy-duty transport for road, rail, marine and aviation applications.

27th Nov., 2019

GOLDI Mobility and Hy-Hybrid Energy CEOs attend Singapore – Hungary Business Seminar to Explore Hydrogen / Fuel Cell Business Opportunities

Last week, on 21st Nov. 2019, GOLDI Mobility Kft (GOLDI) and Hy-Hybrid Energy (Hy-Hybrid) CEOs attended the Singapore – Hungary Business Seminar to explore hydrogen / fuel cell business opportunities. F

12th Dec., 2019

Hy-Hybrid Energy, GOLDI Mobility and HES Energy Systems Form Strategic Partnership on Hydrogen Powered Drones

Hy-Hybrid Energy (Hy-Hybrid), GOLDI Mobility Kft (GOLDI) and HES Energy Systems Pte Ltd (HES) have signed an MoU to explore strategic cooperation on hydrogen powered drones for the Hungarian market.F