Hy-Hybrid Energy
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GOLDI Mobility Kft (GOLDI) is our partner for fuel cell buses deployment in Hungary.

GOLDI provides manufacturing and repair services for public transportation (trams and buses) since 1981. As an ambitious Hungarian manufacturer, GOLDI plans for local assembly of fuel cell electric drivetrains for buses, including fuel cells, batteries, supercapacitors, electric motors, DC-DC converters and control systems.

Horizon fuel cells.png

Horizon fuel cell technologies (Horizon) is our partner in the Hungarian GOLDiON project

Horizon is a fuel cell pioneer and global leader in fuel cell commercialization, having been engaged in fuel cell R&D for 16 years. Horizon supplies a full range of fuel cell systems, from low power air-cooled fuel cells through to high power automotive systems up to 150kW, and containerized MW-scale fuel cell power plants. Horizon has deep IP in all core technologies of PEM fuel cells, from catalyst, membrane electrode, bipolar plates and stacks, to system control.


Kraftwerk GROUP (kraftwerk) is our partner for solid oxide fuel cell technology development for German automotive market.

kraftwerk is 100% focused on manufacturing of nanocoated full metallic TUBES. These tubes directly convert multiple fuels into electricity. kraftwerk’s technology is somehow similar to fuel cells, but besides hydrogen, kraftwerk TUBES can directly convert natural gas, liquified gas, gasoline or kerosene into electricity. This allows to build a light weight, highly efficient energy source for mobile applications.